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Heart Eater Serial Killers!

Updated: Jun 19

Today there was an announcement by the SASP at the press meeting . In this meeting it was stated that their have been a number of victims of attacks by the group they have named the Heart eater Serial killers. These Crazed individuals have been going through the city abducting individuals. They have been known to Torture their victims, as well as carve away at their flesh leaving heart marks over their body as well as drawing blood samples from their victims. All crime scenes reported have claimed to find vials and syringes left behind, and a circular like disk in the area whether it was drawn with blood, or was a sewer grate or emblem in the area.

(Image from press conference taken at Mission Row PD)

So far the reported attacks have started as early as May 31 2020, the first reported victim is Bill clay, followed by a Gabriel hiker, Carry clin, and Kimberly Dumass, Soon followed by Gray stone, Bryce carpenter, Jimmy Donovan, Markus graves and Jack Howard. These individuals have all been harmed and hospitalized after their experience with the attacks.

This paper urges people to be aware of your surroundings as most abductions have been From Post ops, Pill box, and the Court house. The Vehicle described for such abductions have been claimed to be a White or Black Super Diamond, and they appear to work in small groups of 3, the police claim the group may be as large as 6 individuals.

Currently there are two potential suspects, one Diseased by the name of Damien Morelli, the 2nd is wanted by SASP ; Is a man by the name of Lucious Morelli. Any and all news should be reported to the SASP in order to help put these individuals behind bars for good.

Please Stay tuned for any new reports on the Heart Eaters as we will be releasing more information as it becomes available.


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