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Update on Heart Eaters!

Recent update on The Heart Eater’s, Los santos, Currently several individuals of the Morelli Family have been are in custody and charged with the murder of Kindley dumas. A Lucious Morelli, Head of the Morelli family, Demi Morelli his daughter, and a Andre Volasco.

San Andreas police claim that Lucious Morelli has been Mind controlling his family members with some form of Toxin or Chemical, using it on his own daughters to make his will done through this city. The raid on the Morelli Estate Revealing just how far Lucious was willing to go with controlling them.

Aside from those arrested we still have several reports of other attacks across the city peformed by a Melvina Morelli, Current Victimes have Been Noa Kelly Found at the light house east of Senora PKWY, a Ryan dude and Celest Gwah Found at the Vinewood Bolw. A Biscotti found at the Dam. Viny Vela at the playboy mansion, and finally a Alex Richards who turned up ath the Merry Weather Docks. These individuals have been treated and taken care of. Sadly Though a Jace Corver was found dead at the human labs.

The San Andreas police urge people to keep safe and be wary of your surroundings, and report anything suspicious, to your local officers. They also have Put out a bounty on Melvina Morelli rewarding 50k towards the safe retrieval and capture of the woman at large.


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